Bunker better!

Daily challenges
Today’s global transport business and especially the maritime container business face serious time pressure. When it comes to bunkering, there is only a short window of time to control the bunkered fuel effectively. After bunkering, the vessel heads out to the next harbor and the crew must sound the vessel’s tanks very quickly to verify whether the actual paid amount of HFO was delivered by the barge. Complicating matters even more, the measurement method of sounding a tank either on land at the barge or on the vessel is errorprone. Furthermore, there is a certain amount of unpumpable fuel in the vessels and barge tanks. As the volume of the inhomogeneous HFO also includes air and gases, the result is a faulty overall volume. All of these factors multiply into a deviation that must be
checked through sounding. Siemens offers an easy, calibrated and just-in-time measurement of the
bunkered HFO to confirm the accuracy of this process.

The system engineered by Siemens measures the fuel oil pumped from the bunker barge directly into the vessel’s fuel tanks. The Coriolis flowmeters instantly detect the density, mass flow, temperature and quality parameters. The measured volume is outputted simultaneously. To guarantee a highly accurate  measurement while bunkering, the system includes a cascade control that ensures the meters run in their optimal operating range for mass flow and process pressure. The Sitrans F C mass meters also monitor any deviations from target density, and an alarm goes off if the fraction of air rises. Controlling and data capturing takes place in an enclosed Simatic S7-1200 controller, and data evaluation is provided in non-manipulative CSV format.

Down to the last drop
The chief engineer and the barge’s surveyor on the vessel are now able to monitor the complete bunkering process online and can also check the results of sounding the tanks. Throughout
bunkering, the system monitors the temperature of the HFO and all relevant quality-related parameters from the mass meters. Target density and any deviations resulting from entrained air or gases are also detected and largely prevented by the system’s control mode. The cascade control ensures that under optimal operating conditions the mass and volume measurements reach the accuracy level equivalent to the factory calibration certificate from Siemens. In an operation test, supervised from independent surveyor in port of Rotterdam, the system could achieve a accuracy of 0,16%. The typical accuracy under process conditions will be better than 0,3 %. Finally the entire bunkering process is captured and the data is delivered as non-manipulative bunker delivery note (BDN).

Immediately! Instant results during bunkering procedure
Exactly! Highest accuracy below 0,3 % of delivered fuel due to coriolis principle
Fancy! In partnership with SIEMENS
Practicably! In operation on 11.000 TEU vessel of REEDEREI NSB