Alternative Marine Power (AMP)
Most cost efficient Alternative Marine Power solution on the market.
Increases charter and market chances for existing vessels for trade in ECA zones worldwide.
Fast and quick installation at pier and during journey. No docking time.
Using existing onboard electrical system components.
Approved by DNV GL.
Certified IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005-1 Part 1 (2012).
No container slot needed.
Zero exhaust in ports.

Cold Ironing is on the rise worldwide. More and more ports provide a shore-to-ship connection for
Alternative Marine Power. Vessels on the pier must not use their auxiliary engines while loading and
unloading. NSB Marine Solutions offers smart solutions that beats lowest budget. Perfect choice to retrofit
existing container vessels - approved by DNV GL.
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In general three types of Alternative Marine Power are available:

440 V Vessel with 6.6 kV Bow Thruster
440 V Vessel without or other Bow Thruster
6.6 kV Vessel

Smart solutions for Alternative Marine Power