MRV ready - Performance Monitoring

Modular setup: Database is going to be filled directly from sensors + noon reports + tank sounding.
Housekeeping: Centralized and easy accessible data base on the vessel as well as onshore allows immediate access to performance data „at the push of a button“.
Early warnings: Comparison of measured and reported data with predefined reference lines (e.g. C/P figures) provides a quick      overview of the vessel´s actual performance status.
Data collection: vessel performance monitoring almost in real-time.
Shore side monitoring of vessel performance and basis for prompt improvements (f.e. trim).
Transparency of data: Comparison of auto logged data with given noon reports increases the data quality and reliability.
Post voyage analysis: Identification of potential areas of improvements.

  Basis for a comprehensive performance management system including key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking.
The cooperation between NSB Marine Solutions and M.A.C. System Solutions will intensify distribution activities and expand them to a
global scale. One of the principal aims is to exploit synergies and develop new maritime service offerings together with a strong partner.
The longstanding experience M.A.C. System Solutions has in collecting measurement data on ships and transfer them to shore makes it
a competent partner to assist NSB Marine Solutions in introducing SDBnet - Performance Monitoring to new customers and new markets
Transparency and clear structures as well as data evaluation options and the ship-to-shore transfer of measurement data will make daily
work on board and on land easier for our partners who will be able to display a new detailed view of the data collected and optimize costs
in shipping. To provide comprehensive service, NSB Marine Solutions and M.A.C. System Solutions will jointly offer a training concept at
international training institutions. The aim is to depict the performance of a ship own to the very last detail for both crew members and
EU MRV: Easy Monitoring, Reporting, Verification for EU regulations