Ship and Pipe Cleaning Systems

Too much soot in the tubes may lead to damage. NSB has developed methods to make the
cleaning of boilers and exhaust tubes easier, faster, and more environmentally friendly.

NSB Exhaust Gas Boiler Dry Cleaning (NSB EGBDC)
It works similar to an interdental brush: a brush that vibrates is attached to a kind of fishing line.
The operator can insert this device from outside into the individual fire tubes of the exhaust gas
boiler. The vibrating bristles remove the soot sticking to the tubes. It is no longer necessary to
climb on the boiler and no chemicals are required. The removed soot drops to the ground in the
boiler, where it can be swept up and properly disposed of. 

NSB Auxiliary Boiler Cleaning (NSB ABC)
Here, a plug is used to seal the exhaust pipes off at the bottom. A hose is used to fill the fire
tube with water which, due to the infeed of air, starts to bubble. The soot comes off of the tube
walls and dissolves in the water, which can then be drained straight from the fire tube through
the connected hoses. The contaminated water will then be properly disposed of as sludge in
the port.
Sustainable and environmental friendly cleaning system
Easy to use
Approved by fleetwide use